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Case Studies

Mechanical Abrasion Testing

An R&D company sought evidence for the mechanical performance of a polymer used in an innovative product. IXC analysed the specific requirements of the test […]

Network Closure

A UK University ranked amongst the top 25 for research in the 2008 RAE sought to license various technologies including a technology to improve corrosion […]

High Temperature Pressure Sensor

An R&D company sought a sensor able to function at high temperature and pressure. Leveraging IXC’s network, Intermediaries quickly found an advanced material that has […]

Airframe Metrology Development

A spin out offering highly innovative technology was experiencing difficulties finding a development partner. IXC used its extensive network to locate an interested aerospace partner, […]

Supply Chain Quality

An SME faced quality control issues in its supply chain that it had been unable to solve for a number of years. In a matter […]

User Led Innovation

In collaboration with IXC, an SME reviewed its R&D programme surrounding their lead medical product. IXC facilitated the creation of a clinician-led work group to […]

Open Innovation: Medicine in Transport

Connecting and collaborating by different sectors:  how medical technology leads to innovation in the transport sector.   The Knowledge Gap An IXC Client in the transport […]

Measuring Chewing Gum Lifetime

Thinking outside the box to provide a solution.     Giving Gum the Boot Knowledge Gap Innovation consultancy IXC helped a food & drink client […]

Partners in Food Chemistry Research

A Fortune 500 food and drink company had consulted with its own network on a taste development problem but was unable to locate the right […]

Sourcing New Technologies

As Jaguar Land Rover unveils the DC100 concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, IXC is excited to reveal its role in connecting the company to […]

Supply Chain Quality

An SME faced quality control issues in its supply chain that it had been unable to solve for a number of years. In a matter […]

Hybrid Power Sports Cars

IXC facilitated a meeting between Jaguar Land Rover and Bladon Jets, which lead to the construction of the worlds first hybrid power sports car. IXC […]

Rail Safety

Much of the work that IXC does for its clients is focused on commercially sensitive information that clients do not like publicised.  However, the case study […]

Energy, Oil & Gas

Spurring innovation in the energy sector involves whole systems thinking encompassing energy sources, infrastructure, utilities providers, power production fluctuations, consumption, efficiency and storage. The energy […]

Rail Industry

Encompassing trains, stations, infrastructure, freight, commuters, social and leisure passengers, regulatory planning, franchises, industry partners, and services – the Rail sector is, by its very […]

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