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Innovation Audit

IXC’s Internal Innovation Audit Tool

An Innovation Audit is an evidence-based snapshot of the efficiency of your overall innovation strategy. Our extremely efficient Innovation Audit tool captures and assesses your internal landscape, structures and processes. By conversing with the Director/ Head of Innovation, Head of Product Development, Chief Innovation Officer (CMO), or Director of Strategy, we can identify where you are now and provide the best course of action to position you where you want to be.

Why is an Innovation Audit carried out?

The IXC Innovation Audit has been designed to find out where your business lies on the innovation journey or spectrum. By gathering relevant information about your current course of action and strategy, we can identify what it is you need to progress and enhance business effectiveness.

How does the Innovation Audit work?

We can work alongside your business to successfully carry out the Audit, through one-to-one consultations and workforce evaluations (remote, web or email). The end result for your business is to highlight potential areas for action and the best strategy from implementation.

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