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Energy, Oil & Gas

Spurring innovation in the energy sector involves whole systems thinking encompassing energy sources, infrastructure, utilities providers, power production fluctuations, consumption, efficiency and storage.

The energy sector is highly conducive to generating technological breakthroughs that affect the lives of millions. From sensors, to renewables, to leveraging data, IXC’s innovation consultants and engineers can help you drive innovations in smart and connected energy solutions.

The energy industry is, without a doubt, capital intensive. As a result, traditional big corporates in this sector may choose to become involved with an innovation partner in clean energy for example, or an R&D intense partner. IXC’s expertise in brokering partnerships- public, private, and academic- can assist in such diversification; we find the ideal partner, and manage the introduction and associated expectations.

Also, due to exposure to Government funding and regulations- particularly relating to emissions, climate change and the creation of a low carbon economy- IXC’s services, including Technology Watch and Road Mapping Visualisation, are ideally placed for innovation within energy.

Examples of some of IXC’s clients within the energy sector include EDF and E.ON.

“The pace of change could be unprecedented. To succeed, companies must understand the major performance thresholds for each technology and the market shifts that breakthroughs will trigger. Those that are content merely to keep an eye on technological developments, betting on averages rather than positioning themselves to benefit from the cutting edge, may fail to survive in the new world these innovations create.”
Matt Rogers, McKinsey Energy=Innovation Report

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