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Innovation Portal Management

When you want to encourage genuine technology offers to come forward, IXC can set up and manage for you an efficient and cost effective IXC Innovation Portal to provide you with a dedicated, moderated innovation channel.

Why use an Innovation Portal?

Successful brands encourage innovative business ideas, new inventions, and entrepreneurial partnerships with innovation portals.
See how the health and beauty retailer Boots welcome prototypes for ingredients, technology, formulations, products and packaging with their dedicated Innovation Portal.
The UK’s largest luxury car manufacturer- Jaguar Land Rover- also harnesses the power of Open Innovation with their Innovation Portal, targeting the themes of Smart, Connected, Clean, Capable and Desirable.

How does an Innovation Portal work?

You can welcome ideas from inventors, small companies and suppliers whilst guaranteeing consistent, fair and timely consideration. The audit trail generated provides that all-important brand and IP protection for all sides.

IXC’s Innovation Portals provide industry leaders the key tool for their open innovation and knowledge flow management. To find out how you can implement an innovation portal within your business, please contact our team on: 0121 250 5717 or email: [email protected].

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