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Airframe Metrology Development

A spin out offering highly innovative technology was experiencing difficulties finding a development partner. IXC used its extensive network to locate an interested aerospace partner, who is now working with the client.

Airframe Metrology Development


A spin out offering a highly innovative technology was experiencing difficulties finding a development partner. With an extended range of industries represented in the IXC network an interested aerospace partner is now working with the client.

Focus; Intention analysis and management, technology assessment

A spin out from a research intensive university sought an industrial partner to work with on the development of their innovative optical shape measurement technology. The innovation has the potential to reduce cost and cycle time in a variety of industries. As a spin out organisation offering technology requiring significant investment, gaining access to decision makers with the necessary foresight in target industries was a challenge for the client.

Find; Technology foresight and forecasting

As a well connected and embedded organisation IXC has the ability to access innovation managers in industries such as aerospace, marine, rail and automotive. The combination of industrial and personal networks provides fertile ground for a developing technology with application in these areas, such as this client’s.

Filter; Scoping and filtering

With detailed knowledge of the client’s capability, IXC selected an aerospace partner with appropriate development times and the potential to benefit greatly from the step change in accuracy offered by the technology.

Facilitate; Matchmaking and brokering

IXC introduced the client to the potential partner and facilitated the exchange of an NDA under which the parties are conducting factory trials of the technology. The client expects to see completion of development followed by sales of their high value equipment. The development partner expects the innovative technology to cut production costs and increase their competitiveness.


• The client was developing a highly innovative product but was experiencing difficulties entering the market.
• IXC with connections to decision makers in a variety of industries was able to identify a willing development partner.
• The client has progressed development of their product and is expecting increased sales.
• The development partner gains a competitive edge in production cost and times.

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