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User Led Innovation

In collaboration with IXC, an SME reviewed its R&D programme surrounding their lead medical product. IXC facilitated the creation of a clinician-led work group to develop innovative diversifications of the product.

Enabling User Driven Innovation


In collaboration with IXC, a successful SME undertook a strategic review of the R&D programme surrounding their long standing lead medical product. IXC facilitated the creation of a clinician-led work group to inform innovative differentiation of the product.

Focus: Intention analysis and management

The client has a twenty year history of providing high quality products to the healthcare industry, and engaged IXC to support the strategic review of their lead product. Sales of the client’s products are dominated by distributors; hence the client had limited knowledge of the needs and purchasing processes of their end users. An IXC Intermediary involved in the review identified an opportunity to inform the client’s R&D strategy through consultation with the healthcare end users. The limited resources of the company meant that previous attempts to access clinical professionals had been unsuccessful.

Find: Articulation of needs and requirements

IXC has excellent relationships with NHS Primary Care Trusts and the staff within them. Leveraging these relationships a selection of relevant healthcare professionals, ranging from Clinical Lead through to Technician, were identified and the client’s intentions anonymously described to them.

Filter: Scoping and filtering

IXC was able to screen the potential partners and select the most pro-active, relevant and interested users; those who had the knowledge and prominence to make a difference within the healthcare landscape.

Facilitate: Matchmaking and brokering

The Clinical Lead from a major teaching hospital was introduced to the client by IXC. Through the initial meeting a working group was established including clinicians and procurement managers. The Group continues to feed into the client’s product development strategy, and have to date created £200 000 cost-savings for the client. Further revenues are expected through increased market penetration and improved products. By embedding networked, multidisciplinary experts across the value chain IXC can identify opportunities and build bridges between manufacturers and users.


• The client has a 20 year track record in the medical industry but had never been able to access purchasers and clinicians.
• IXC was able to spot the opportunity and introduce the client to interested parties at Healthcare providers.
• The connection facilitated by IXC has bridged the gap between the manufacturer and the user, allowing an improved product to be developed, which benefits both sides.

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