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Supply Chain Quality

An SME faced quality control issues in its supply chain that it had been unable to solve for a number of years. In a matter of weeks IXC bought the client a validated partner with the skills and reliability required to protect their primary revenue stream. 

Supply Chain Quality


For several years a Queen’s Award winning SME had been unable to resolve quality issues in its supply chain. In a matter of weeks IXC introduced the client to a validated partner with the skills and reliability required to protect the client’s primary revenue stream.

Focus; Intention analysis and management

The client, a Queen’s Award winning SME, faced quality control issues over imperfections in the parts supplied for their lead product. The imperfections, if not caught be the company’s internal QC, could have repercussions with the regulatory authority and cause loss of sales should products need to be recalled.

Find; Scanning and technology intelligence

The client had spent several years investigating alternative suppliers, but consistently found difficulties maintaining quality over time. The extended IXC network is rich with experience of supply chain management across a range of business sectors. The IXC Intermediary was able to access suppliers from other industries with the correct capabilities and cultural fit, and swiftly built a list of operations that met the client’s requirements.

Filter; Demand articulation, Knowledge processing

IXC validated the list of suppliers based upon the client’s business drivers: quality, reliability and cost. Ensuring each potential partner had excellent quality control systems, a track record of success, the desire to work with an SME,and the financial stability to provide the client with the security of supply they require.

Facilitate: Matchmaking and brokering

Within a month of the intention coming to light the focussed list of potential suppliers was given to the client, who undertook preliminary trials with a number of the organisations. The client swiftly agreed a contract with an SME with over 40 years standing. The new partner was experienced in supplying products to the automotive industry rather than the medical industry, but had all the requisite skills and accreditation. All business has been transferred from the old supplier thereby ensuring continued sales of high quality product in a highly regulated industry. The new relationship protected £750 000 of the client’s revenue stream PA.


• IXC quickly solved a supply chain problem that a client had been trying to deal with for some years. This prevented potential product recall and loss of market position.
• The IXC network is rich in both technical and service data.
• As an impartial intermediary IXC acts on behalf of the client meaning that the client’s drivers are IXC’s drivers.
• The IXC network connected two partners who were not likely to have found each other under normal circumstances, providing clear business benefits to both.

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