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Open Innovation: Medicine in Transport

Connecting and collaborating by different sectors:  how medical technology leads to innovation in the transport sector.  

The Knowledge Gap

An IXC Client in the transport industry was interested in the use of passenger sensing data to enhance passenger protection and provide further benefits to the occupants. Monitoring height and weight can allow safety features to be adapted for different users with maximum effectiveness. Similarly if a vehicle can monitor electrophysiological (EP) signals from its occupants, it can detect any critical indicators and employ safety features to assist and protect passengers. The challenge is monitoring EP signals remotely and without the need for occupant involvement.

Cross Sector Scouting

IXC UK sourced novel electrophysiological sensors developed at a UK university for the medical devices markets that can measure EP signals, such as respiration and cardiac activity at a distance. IXC UK suggested that the measurement capability of the EP sensors, their small size and low cost made this technology a potential solution for incorporation into vehicle seats for assisting passenger safety.

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