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IXC’s Dependable Innovation Training Solutions

For those looking to build or develop their innovation infrastructure, our Champion Innovation Training solutions empower your people to become creative connectors. IXC’s range of Training and Development services directly inspire and motivate the organisation and the up-take of new ideas.

What is it?

– IXC will train your staff in innovation methodologies and techniques, which have been internally developed from over ten year experience in large corporates

– We demonstrate how to build and develop an innovation infrastructure and the knowledge requirements needed to enhance your innovation pipeline

– We customise training, development and coaching structures to fit within your organisation’s existing processes and tailor solutions to provide the optimum format for your needs

Why is Innovation Training Carried out?

Our practical, professional Innovation Training accelerates the capture and implementation of new opportunities: – whether identified externally or from approved internal connectivity. Our ground-breaking range of development and coaching solutions help our clients to become a resourceful innovation champion within the field. Unique training solutions help to unlock creativity, allowing you to introduce innovative changes and forward-thinking modification among working practices.

How can Innovation Training benefit Businesses?

Innovation training, development and coaching practices delivered by IXC train your people in core innovation skills. Our expert Innovation Consultants and Training Specialists provide on-going mentoring and support, to enable you to develop skills, improve practice and drive noticeable results, such as:

– Building a successful innovation infrastructure

– Introducing a rapid cultural change with deeply integrated innovation mind-sets

Accelerating implementation of processes, with trainees becoming internal innovation champions, who can effectively drive and generate value throughout the business

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For further information on how we can develop a range of training and coaching solutions, tailored for your business, please contact our team on: 0121 250 5717 or email: [email protected].


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