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Train ticketing of the Future

Train ticketing of the Future

Today- Friday 21st March- sees the launch of an innovative challenge to stimulate and attract innovations in ticketing technology.

The Future Ticket Detection Competition is run by the rail industry’s FutureRailway team, and is also supported by the Department for Transport (DfT). The £2m challenge aims to encourage innovative alternatives to train stations’ existing gate-line and ticket detection systems in order to provide solutions which reduce congestion and enhance passenger flow.

In the run up to today’s competition launch, IXC (InnovationXchange UK Ltd), the leading innovation consultants specialising in science and technology, have been astutely scoping out and assessing suitable candidates for FutureRailway’s Future Ticket Detection Competition. Some exciting technologies and solutions have been identified, which could very well transform the future of ticketing. These span a broad cross-sector range encompassing Mobile network services; Smartcards; Biometrics; Mobile payments & services; Automated fare collection systems; Payment & Information Systems; Near field communications & RFID; E-commerce; Semiconductor manufacturers; Passenger Information & People Counting systems; Thermal imaging and Security Systems.

The IXC team is looking forward to meeting potential solution providers in April at a briefing/ partnership forming event to provide bidders with further information. However, time is of the essence; “we have had a good response with many companies already registered for the event and so spaces are running out” advises Russ Noble, Business Development & Partnerships at IXC.

The competition launches today, Friday 21st March 2014, with the competition briefing event held on Wednesday the 2nd April 2014.

For more information, or to register, visit Future Railway’s Challenge page, and view their press release.

Train ticketing of the Future

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