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New Tools for Innovators

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IXC has developed an exciting new platform that provides tools for innovators.

The original concept was to replace the traditional innovation collaboration activities of sticky notes on walls and canvases with a digital version. The digital version should be as simple and engaging as the original method with added benefits and efficiencies delivered by computing power. Such as the ability to connect canvases together into processes, re-use of sticky note content, automatic movement of sticky notes through processes, automated reporting, and the ability to store work completed for future reference. Also it should enable remote collaborative working and asynchronous collaborative working.

The leaders of collaborative working are facilitators. They can be either external or internal to a company and may self describe as either a facilitator or a consultant. Therefore we researched proposed benefits with 288 internal and external facilitators and consultants in the UK and USA. The key benefits they identified were:
– Outputs are available for the next meetings in the series so that learnings are built upon.
– Meeting reports can be written automatically and available immediately.
– Outputs are connected to systems already used automatically.
– Participants can continue to engage after a meeting and Facilitators can stay connected to participants work.
– Remote participants are engaged.


A simple proof of concept application was created. This demonstrated that the basic principals were deliverable and on this proof of concept investment was made to build the initial Minimum Viable Product.

Unique functional elements have been built that include: Remote collaboration; Reuse of content; Automation of processes; Automated reporting; Storage of completed work; Template creation etc.

As this represented a novel methodology for the delivery of content we needed to design content that was appropriate and would demonstrate and utilise the automation and benefits. Academic research into innovation particularly with reference to SME organisations was reviewed and a series of novel innovation processes was developed. This is explained in detail in a published white paper…

The Flo.how platform can be trialled for free. Find out more through the Flo.how website.

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