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New Frontiers in Open Innovation

New Frontiers in Open Innovation

20 January 2015

International Innovation Specialists Join Forces for New Book

The ultimate innovation group has been selected by editor Henry Chesbrough to create the latest and most comprehensive book on research in open innovation to date.

Examining the past decade of study within the field, academics, consultants and intermediaries demonstrate their findings and expertise in this first book to compile meaningful research on how open innovation actually works.  By integrating the current state of the art with analysis, along with a research agenda to implement for the future of open innovation, this book encompasses elements including: 
•    open innovation examples and case studies (including innovation in business, public and not-for-profit sectors)
•    how the open innovation funnel works  
•    dissection and analysis of the open innovation process  
•    R&D collaboration 
•    innovation networks 
•    innovation performance 
•    and intellectual property management.  

Although primarily intended for practitioners and scholars of open innovation, by reviewing challenges faced by leading firms applying innovation, New Frontiers in Open Innovation is also recommended for those in innovation management.  

Published towards the end of 2014 by Oxford University Press, and an anticipated textbook essential in this area, New Frontiers in Open Innovation boasts a stellar roll call of those at the cutting edge of open innovation.  Including:
–    Ferrie Aalders, Philips Research
–    Sabine Brunswicker, Fraunhofer Institute
–    Henry Chesbrough, UC Berkeley
–    Tim Minshall, University of Cambridge
–    Letizia Mortara, University of Cambridge 
–    Frank Piller, RWTH Aachen
–    Nadine Roijakkers, Maastricht University
–    Wim Vanhaverbeke, University of Hasselt
–    Joel West, Keck Graduate Institute
–    Christopher S. Winter, New Venture Partners
–    Andy Zynga, NineSigma

The officially authorised website for the book New Frontiers in Open Innovation is located here.    


New Frontiers in Open Innovation

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