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Innovation Masterclasses

Innovation Masterclasses

10th February 2015

This week, innovation consultants InnovationXchange (IXC UK) will be hosting two innovation masterclasses at the Digital Health Assembly #DHA2015.

The conference, attracting digital health professionals from around the world, aims to stimulate developments in digital health through open innovation.  With themes including Big Data, Empowering Patients and Staff, and Innovative Business Models, speakers and attendees- such as the NHS, Intel, The World Health Organisation, IBM, European Space Agency, Siemens Healthcare, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, the European Commission, digital health companies, innovation consultants, Government, and Academia- will be connecting and collaborating to evolve healthcare through Open Innovation.

On Tuesday 10th February, Caroline Bishop (Managing Director, IXC) will be sharing practical steps to improve innovation efficiency, whilst on Wednesday, Tim Staniland (Business Development Manager, IXC) will help attendees explore knowledge management and web based tools to harness this.

Join @CarolineatIxc and @ixctim for innovation training workshops at #DHA2015

Innovation Masterclasses at Digital Health Assembly

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