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Cleaner, Greener Cars

Cleaner, Greener Cars

Our environment is a powerful engine for innovation.

Universal goals of reducing carbon, zeroing waste, and improving air quality are all challenges which, when met head-on and creatively, can give us all a cleaner world.

The automotive industry is well aware of these ambitions, and manufacturers across the board are racing to meet and surpass future emissions mandates along with customer desires and expectations.

Automotive sustainability strategies

In the immediate term, they may be addressing this via:

  • optimisation of the internal combustion engine
  • improved aerodynamics and
  • lightweighting

… all for better fuel efficiency and less environmental impacts.

Manufacturers are also releasing hybrid and fully electric models, and researching and developing their associated technologies of batteries, energy storage, and charging.

Tesla in Nature

Environmental Lifecycle Assessment

But a cleaner world from a vehicle perspective isn’t only about the cars’ fuel consumption and emissions when driven; it is also about the environmental impact of its entire existence from cradle to grave.  This starts with efficient design, and manufacture from recycled and renewable materials; it ends as a closed loop with its own components being themselves recycled.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Car manufacturers are also addressing this lifecycle approach during the production process itself.  Implementation of energy efficiency measures and renewable power at their manufacturing plants provides the finishing touches to a holistic, multi-faceted sustainability strategy.

Solar panels and sunshine

A Cleaner Future

The evidence is there that carmakers are fully committed to innovative approaches, research and technologies for a sustainable, cleaner world.  Now it’s just a case of accelerating that to make our cleaner, greener future today.

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Cleaner, Greener Cars

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