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Achieving Innovation for Defence and Security

image credit: DASA

This week the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) outlines the crucial importance of- and their approach to- innovation.

Innovation is of course critical to these sectors: maintaining strategic advantage against ever-changing threats to UK security.  To do this, DASA exemplifies the open innovation approach of collaboration across government, industry and academia.  As a result, requirements are identified, and the right people brought together to develop workable solutions rapidly. 

DASA’s other exemplary innovator mindset indicators include:

  • Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration
  • Not being scared to fail, always learning.
  • Awareness of, and interest in, other sectors and markets outside of their own (defence and security).  This can harness new capabilities and ideas, and stimulate the marketplace and UK prosperity
  • Driving innovation through to results- not allowing it to be a flurry of activity with no substance
  • Creating the resources for innovation; in this case an emphasis on funding, but also mentoring, and incentivising
  • Acknowledgement of sector complexity and fragmentation.  (As an aside, substitute ‘sector’ for ‘company’ for an analogous parallel with the frequently-encountered innovation limiting  ‘silo mentality’ in organisations)
  • Monitoring of their ever-changing landscape
  • An obsession to know and continuously discover what the enduser on the front line (literally!) needs

Read the post, with real-life case studies on the UK Government site.

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