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Late April will see Dr James Elliott, Director of Delivery and Quality for IXC UK, travel to New Jersey for client and prospective client meetings, as well as networking with the New Jersey innovation community.

Dr Elliott says: “There seems to be a real entrepreneurial spirit in New Jersey, driven by a passion for innovation. This is apparent in the significant increase in the level of contact that IXC UK are having with New Jersey based companies.”

IXC UK was a pioneer of the open innovation paradigm.  Established in 2003, its Open Innovation Intermediary model was cited as an exemplar by Henry Chesbrough in his 2006 ground-breaking publication "Open Business Models: How To Thrive in the New Innovation Landscape".  Since those early days, the IXC intermediary model has developed and broadened.  Now the business delivers a range of value adding specialist open innovation services to organisations across the globe that are driving their business development through product and service innovation.

Based in Birmingham, England, IXC work closely with their clients to connect those that have technology needs with those that have technology solutions, and technology solution providers with new market opportunities.

Client Development Manager Tim Staniland explains: “To our clients we are the hired innovation muscle. Once they have decided their innovation strategy, we are called in  to supplement their internal teams with the specialist skills that are needed. By utilising a simple, proven process combined with robust search tools, our unique open innovation database built over the last 12 years  and our team of highly qualified researchers and intermediaries, we are able to effectively find solutions and make the connections the client needs.  It is a fast, cost effective resource that speeds up the innovation process and facilitates effective decision making.”

With a vibrant research sector, quality higher education establishments and an innovation culture that matches that of New Jersey, the UK has a lot to offer by way of technology provision and demand.  IXC is perfectly placed to tap into the booming UK market and facilitate connections with dynamic organisations in the USA.

If you think your organisation could benefit from the expert services of IXC and would like to meet with Dr Elliott when he visits New Jersey, then please contact Tim Staniland.


About the Author
Tim Staniland is Business Development Manager at IXC UK, with a background including pharmaceuticals, personal care, and biotechnology.  He is also a non-executive director in the NHS.  
To find out how IXC can help your innovation agenda, contact Tim at



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Transatlantic Innovation for New Jersey Companies
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