IXC Tech Radar© game

Our innovation specialists and creative technologists have picked ten innovative technologies, which they believe we will be seeing much more of in the future. All you have to do is place the technologies on the IXC Tech Radar© where you feel the Technology Maturity meets the Impact of the product. 

The Technology Maturity score depends upon how developed you believe the technology is, is it still at the research stage or have you seen it in products available today? For example, is it still at the research stage (e.g. 1) or have you seen it in products available today (e.g. Technology Maturity 9 = very mature)

The Impact score is graded on how much you feel this technology will impact the lives of those of us living in the UK over the next 5 years, will the technology be ingrained in our everyday lives by 2017 (e.g. Impact 10 = high impact) or will we have to wait another 20 years before we feel the benefit? (e.g. Impact = 1)?

How To Play

Click & slide the coloured buttons onto the IXC Tech Radar© & leave them where you think the 'Technology Maturity' meets the 'Impact', once all ten buttons are where you think they should be, press submit to enter. 

Will these short term, high current devices feature in our hybrid cars?

Fuel Cell Electric vehicles
When will these be common on our roads?

Lithium Titanate Batteries
Are these the answer to rapid charging?

Pumped Hydro Storage
Is there a future in pumping water up mountains

Marine Pumped Storage
Is this a good way to store wind energy?

Compressed Air Storage
Can old mines be used to store energy?

Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
New ways to generate power from waste heat

Wearable Energy Harvesting
Power electronics by movement of the body

Flywheel Storage
What applications might there be and what are the problems?

Superconducting Magnet Storage
What impact might this have?

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The IXC Tech Radar Game is not currently available on mobile devices. If you would like to play, please view this page on a desktop computer or laptop. Thank you.