Defence & Communications

Both the Defence and Communication industries are continuously pushing the boundaries of science and engineering techniques. The fusing of cutting-edge technologies is increasingly essential for the sector as a whole, in implementing a successful, combined science and innovation strategy.

It is critical for businesses to ensure they have the right mechanisms, processes and resources in place that will harvest the best ideas from a diverse technology base. For Innovation in Defence and Communications, IXC supports decision makers in staying powerfully ahead of the curve. Our specialist Innovation Consultants combine industry expertise with innovative strategy to help your business prepare for emerging technologies, create new partnerships and seize open innovation opportunities.

Stakeholders range from multinational defence contractors and telecommunication suppliers to small, bespoke suppliers, developing the next generation software or equipment that will allow the large providers to maintain their instable demand for new ideas and technology.

We have helped to introduce specialist Innovation structures within the Defence and Communication sector, for many clients, including BAE, Thales and Telsey Communications.

For further details about how our Defence and Communication Innovation services can assist your business, please contact our team on: 0121 250 5717 or email: