IXC Medical Innovations: Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

As we live longer and lead ever more complex and demanding lives, medical devices and pharmaceuticals must evolve faster and more effectively than ever before. IXC’s expertise in Medical Innovations supports precisely such development in life sciences, health and wellbeing. Be it diagnostics, prosthetics, implants, veterinary, complementary medicine, over the counter formulations tailored to niche markets, botanicals or more mainstream nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and beyond – IXC’s innovation consultants can help.

Our innovation consultants' core expertise enables you to harness external innovative opportunities regardless of origin. Simultaneously, we support your teams in developing ‘knowledge spillover’ to build a ‘corporate innovation memory.’

IXC can help you connect and collaborate in your innovation endeavours with Medical Innovations. Our flexible range of services allow you to succeed within the pharmaceutical and medical device sector, by virtue of our strong networks with healthcare trusts and university hospitals, as well as completely different industries.


“Access to progressive science and innovative drug candidates will be increased by using multiple approaches to increase the opportunities for harnessing external innovation, e.g. establishing early stage alliances, forming joint ventures or risk-sharing partnerships”

Measuring the Return from Pharmaceutical Innovation, Deloitte report



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