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Jaguar Land Rover launches Innovation Portal

Britain’s biggest carmaker, Jaguar Land Rover, has teamed up with innovation consultants IXC, to find the best technology to enhance its innovative pipeline.   

Chance to become a Jaguar Land Rover partner

Inventors and suppliers who wish to collaborate with the manufacturer and benefit from the brand, funding and R&D expertise, now have the opportunity to do so. 

The Innovation Portal, managed by IXC on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), provides a dedicated, moderated channel for innovators to securely and confidentially propose inventions and prototypes to the firm.   

Jaguar Land Rover seeking latest innovations

Demonstrating the very definition of Open Innovation

Dr James Elliott, IXC’s Principal Innovation Intermediary said: “The definition of Open Innovation is ‘the purposively managed flow of knowledge across organisational boundaries.’  The IXC Innovation Portal management service addresses precisely this component of JLR’s innovation strategy."  

"This IXC Innovation Portal has been designed to provide a dedicated, moderated innovation channel for genuine technology submissions to Jaguar Land Rover. We welcome ideas from individuals, inventors, small companies, large companies and suppliers; as the Intermediary, we ensure inventors benefit from thorough, fair consideration from our team of engineers and technologists.  Simultaneously, JLR receive vetted submissions that align with their current goals and challenges.”

Meeting automotive trends head on

So what exactly are JLR seeking?   Proposals must strengthen the two iconic brands of Land Rover and Jaguar by addressing current and future trends of luxury, sustainability, and digital.  These are specifically categorised as five key strategic themes:

  • Smart
  • Connected
  • Clean
  • Capable
  • Desirable

To discover more about these key themes, take a look at the portal's inspiration page.

R&D and innovation critical for automotive leader Jaguar Land Rover

Innovation at JLR

Jaguar Land Rover invests more in research and development than any other manufacturing company in the UK, which has allowed its thousands of world-class engineers to develop world-class innovations. It is these breakthroughs that Jaguar Land Rover can rely on to build better-performing vehicles, lower their environmental impact and inspire customers. In addition to exploring Jaguar Land Rovers own ideas, they would like the opportunity to explore yours to see how you and/or your business can contribute towards its future success. 

This is your opportunity to present your innovative ideas directly to key experts on innovation management, automotive supply chain, manufacturing and R&D.  This could be an excellent starting point for your joint journey towards an exciting and fascinating technology partnership.

Submit your innovation online: the best submissions will have the opportunity to partner with Jaguar Land Rover.

Connected cars are one of the key themes in this innovation strategy


The importance of innovation in business

Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to innovative business processes has also been demonstrated recently by partnering with virtual band Gorillaz to identify and recruit top digital talent ready for their imminent emphasis on electric car models. 

With the transformation of automotive on the horizon, proactively procuring talent by collaborating with Gorillaz-  as well as welcoming innovative tech by collaborating with IXC- will ensure this industry leader stays ahead of the game in such a dynamic and volatile landscape. 

Jaguar Land Rover collaborates with innovative partners- including virtual band Gorillaz and IXC UK Ltd



IXC's Innovation Portals provide industry leaders, including Boots UK and Jaguar Land Rover, the key tool for their open innovation and knowledge flow management.  To find out how you can implement an innovation portal within your business, please contact our team on: 0121 250 5717 or email:

Images courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover launches Innovation Portal
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