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Innovations in Looking Good

Looking your best has been an ever-present feature of human civilisation since time immemorial.  For the selfie-generation, Tinder dates, and younger ‘older’ elders, beauty care is elevating ever higher in priorities. 

Cutting edge beauty- or is it?

Beauty regimes- and the very definition of what is considered beautiful- have evolved and ceaselessly change over millennia, and very much continue to do so at a relentless pace, with variations in each and every culture and demographic.

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Yet many perfumes, make-up, and cleansing rituals indulged in hundreds of years ago would not look out of place in today’s practices and formulations:  eyebrow shaping and filling, lipsticks, eyeliners, skin illuminators, moisturisers, honey, olive oil, argan oil, minerals – all are but a miniscule representation of those ingredients and regimes that have stood the test of time. 


Traditional beauty techniques can still be relevant today

Traditional techniques and ingredients can still be relevant today | Photo credit: cenczi, Pixabay

Some ingredients at first glance look to date back to darker, more esoteric times.  But our most affluent early adopters and consumers of the latest beauty innovations are currently indulging in and advocating cosmetic actives such as bee venom, gold, and placenta growth factors.   

The science of looking beautiful

As we have seen, current beauty innovations may harness the romantic past.  Some may also be unrecognisable to our ancestors.  Today, botox, laser treatments, injectable fillers, and at home teeth whitening are accepted as mainstream beauty treatments and are widely available. 

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Indeed, cutting edge scientific, technical and clinical research gives us personalised beauty stem cell treatment, enzyme activators and inhibitors, self-renewing scent sphere technology, personalised feedback and prescriptions from consumer electronics and apps, all the way to a bit of low-tech creative rejigging to get glamourous Oyster card nail extensions.


Oyster Card Nails- Beauty and Transport

The beauty sector is prolific when it comes to impactful  innovation | Photo credit: Lucie Davies


From the low-tech to the high tech, the ancient to the SciFi, inspiration for beauty and personal care formulations, procedures, and technology can come from anywhere. 


If you have a beauty or personal care innovation or idea, take a look at our Innovation Portal, where pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer Boots UK is looking to connect with inventors.

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Innovations in Looking Good
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