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InnovationXchange (IXC) is a leading open innovation specialist, with vast experience in supporting business in the Automotive, FMCG, Medical, Aviation, Energy and Defence sectors to drive business growth in a highly competitive marketplace.

An Innovative Business Strategy Fuels Growth

Leading, successful companies recognise the need to continually innovate, to reveal new sources of revenue, competitive advantage, new product lines and business growth. Our experienced Innovation Consultants can transform business performance by combining vast technology knowledge with expertise in business strategy development. We explore strategy with fresh eyes, to uncover potential sources of inspiration and enhance the effectiveness of your business practices. We provide a complete range of innovation services, tailored to specific business requirements, whether you business objectives are to build new growth ventures, develop innovation capabilities, accelerate organisational change, develop new products or business models, we develop a framework that will deliver the most optimum results for you.

lnnovation Consulting to enhance business performance

Our complete range of flexible Innovation solutions diagnoses the barriers to successful delivery of new products and services, along with identifying new opportunities through technology and market forecasting. We work alongside clients to ensure they are fully equipped with the right tools to align their research and Development (R & D) with product development and company objectives, to deliver winning innovations that will meet consumer needs. For further information on our range of innovation consulting services in Birmingham, please click on one of the links below:

Technology Scouting

Technology Watch

Tech Radar – Technology Landscaping and Visualisation

Partner and Supplier Search

Innovation Audit

Innovation Portal Management

Innovation Training

Innovation Intermediaries

For further information on how InnovationXchange can help enhance your business innovation strategy, or to discuss specific consulting services, please contact us on:, or call us on 0121 250 5717.