A Leading Innovation Group Tailored for You

IXC is a leading Innovation Group, located in Birmingham, focussed on expanding and enhancing the effectiveness of your innovation strategy.

By assessing individual needs and requirements for each of our clients and tailoring our services to perfectly suit business processes, we offer flexible, complementary services to deliver the most optimum results.

Our highly-skilled, experienced Innovation Group can help your business innovate through Technology Scouting, Technology Watch, Partner Searches, Innovation Audits, Training and much more. Our dedicated team of IXC intermediaries and business professionals are experts at delivering value throughout all industry sectors, through their commercial awareness and broad knowledge base.

At IXC, we employ a highly confidential and high quality approach to ensure the best possible innovation outcomes for our clients. To find out how we implement this, please take a look at Our Process and Our Approach.


For further information on how we can support you, please contact a member of our experienced innovation group on: 0121 250 5717, or e-mail us on: connect@ixc-uk.com.