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Innovations in Wellbeing

This year’s World Congress of Dermatology sees Boots welcoming the latest and brightest developments in the skincare sector.

The leading health and beauty retailer is attending the event in Vancouver, Canada this week, and demonstrating the concept of open innovation by actively seeking inventors and development partners to produce and promote innovative beauty solutions together.

Today (Tuesday), the Walgreens Boots Alliance is also contributing to the event with a symposium unravelling the complexities of skin ageing.


Wanted: Skincare, Haircare & Beauty Innovation

Innovation consultants IXC UK (InnovationXchange®) would especially like to share this new and exciting collaboration opportunity with the scientists, engineers and creative technologists in our innovation network.

Inventors, research institutes, laboratories, and higher education organisations looking to work with and promote their ideas and formulations to the UK’s foremost health and beauty retailer are encouraged to submit their interest through the Boots Innovation Portal.

Entrepreneurs developing technologies in popular beauty and skincare fields are especially welcomed, and their innovations may encompass:

  • the latest advances in creams and lotions
  • electrical devices diagnostics
  • ‘beauty from within’ supplements
  • product regimes
  • bringing salon calibre treatments into the home  


Packaging Innovation

Innovations in packaging are also sought.  Boots is particularly interested in innovative packaging solutions that offer: 

  • aesthetic differentiation
  • added consumer benefits
  • sustainable packaging solutions
  • enable a unique product claim  


Using the Innovation Portal

The Boots team look forward to supporting proofs of concept and prototypes, authenticated by robust (even if only preliminary) scientific data.  Submissions should include safety evidence, and record of, or potential for, regulatory approval.

Boots have chosen the UK’s established experts in bringing together seekers and providers of technology.  Here at IXC UK (InnovationXchange®), our innovation consultants provide and manage the Boots innovation portal, using our extensive experience of the innovation landscape to help Boots connect and collaborate with the most promising ideas out there for the best in health and beauty innovation.

Beauty innovations can be submitted through Boots Innovation Portal.


Health & Beauty Giant opening Portal to Innovation
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