InnovationXchange – The Definition of Innovation

At IXC, we have an proactive team of professional, experienced and qualified specialists, who are dedicated to incorpoating the true definition of innovation within your business. With an extensive range of clients including multi-national corporations, hi-tech start-ups, universities, research institutes and business support networks – we understand the need for unique and flexible services based around your own business objectives.

By thoroughly assessing your business processes and exposing you to new technologies, methods and best innovation practice, we determine and provide complimentary services to create optimum business results.

From Technology Scouting, Technology Watch, Partner Search, Innovation Audits and much more, we can truly support you in making open innovation a reality.

Our definition of innovation lies within the need for organisations to access the best ideas and capabilities from around the world. By understanding our client's strategic intent, we provide access to an international network of creative technologists, companies and cutting edge technologies to help drive business forward.

If you have any queries on the meaning of open innovation or the definition of innovation, please contact a member of out team on: 0121 250 5717, or e-mail us at:, or call us on 0121 250 5717.