Our Clients

IXC clients include multi-national corporations, hi-tech start-ups, universities, research institutes, technology transfer companies, business incubators and business support networks.

The single shared factor is the realization that twenty-first century innovation is a contact sport in which collaboration is essential. And, whilst some choose to keep their membership confidential some find their public association with the IXC concept rewarding. These include global giants such as Cadbury, Cochlear, Network Rail, Mars, Jaguar Land Rover, ResMed and Smith & Nephew. Smaller technology firms representative of IXC's broad client base include Applimex Systems, Geotechnical Instruments and Teer Coatings.

One thing you can be sure of is unparalleled access, through IXC's far-reaching international networks, to the ideas, technologies and processes necessary to drive your business forward.