Professional Business Management Consultants

Leading Innovation Specialists and Business Innovation Management

Efficiently managing the progress of you business and implementing a successful innovation strategy go hand-in-hand. Our Business Innovation Management specialists, based in Birmingham – a central business hub in the UK, provide a wide range of consultancy and development initiatives to help your business perform and develop as you need it to. We enable organisations in any industry, across the globe, to deliver incremental performance improvement through innovative business ideas, using the best strategic approach specifically identified for the organisation. Our client base ranges from the Netherlands, America and Australia, so no matter where your business is located, we aim to help it thrive.

Specialist Innovation Services

At IXC, we employ a full suit of innovation-related services, capabilities and global connectivity required for your business to excel. Each of our services and business management areas can be tailored to meet your unique industry needs, no matter what your company aims and objectives. From the initial collaboration, we define challenges and highlight key industry opportunities, then put you in the right innovative direction with the support and business development solutions that you need. IXC will work with you as your innovation partner.

Innovation and Business Development

We blend creative thinking with technology know-how and professional experience to deliver successful business development solutions and break-through's. Whether your business needs to drive growth, transform culture or develop leadership, we can identify opportunities and help you to implement a strategic, innovative approach that will set you apart from the competition and allow your company to thrive. 


For further information on our range of Innovation Services, please contact a member of our experienced innovation group on: 0121 250 5717, or e-mail us on: